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E00439091score:4.3 / 52019-02-02

It's not bad
tamatooscore:3.8 / 52019-02-01

1209 rooms on the street side, air conditioning tube through the window glass, seal, soundproofing is poor, not by passing cars at night, bathroom exhaust fan sounds great, although there are limousine, but missed the plane, delayed the trip, one of the most uncomfortable accommodation
e01111508score:3.8 / 52019-01-23

Front desk is in place, the dining room was nice and tidy. suggest room boxes at customer convenience.
iamonescore:5.0 / 52019-01-20

Hotel name is personal, room was a bit small, but good health. a 15-minute drive from the airport. but there is a free airport transfer service, quick and easy.
andiwyscore:2.8 / 52019-01-19

I set of is luxury double bed room (has pre make room), but arrived Hotel Hou is is three bed room, asked what reasons? front desk waiter said no reasons, said is upgrade! and to we arrangements room is by community inside very static, but in at 5 o'clock in the morning we room window restaurant wind machine cry makes we cannot continues to sleep, (we night 24 o'clock staying of) this called what thing? front desk waiter attitude very poor! very poor!
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