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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
отель стар Юэ (Шанхай, аэропорт Пудун) (Xingzhiyue Hotel (Shanghai Pudong Airport)), отель расположен в городе Пудонг - мосту, Порт - хун, в центре города, вокруг есть ресторан, развлечения, покупки и другие места. вокруг есть три порта, Порт - Артур, агрономический сад, дом - квартира Чжан жуньтянь, дом - музей Хуан янь, сычуаньская старина, дикий зоопарк и другие туристические достопримечательности. около 5 км от поселка Вознесения Флоренция, около 15 км от города Дисней.Это Шанхайской звезды приятный отель с ограниченной ответственностью бизнес - быстро и уютно, чистый и удобный, с различными номерами более 80, полный номер.гостиница предлагает гостям места для стоянки, удобство для друзей.Кроме того, гостиница предоставляет услуги по приему в аэропорт Пудуна и Дисней (подробную информацию можно получить у консалтинговых фирм).
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  • joypan11
    Not good
  • Jmonstr
    Room is clean. However service needs to be improved. Very difficult to communicate in English, Credit card processor was broken (so I needed to go to another location just to make a payment.) insufficient explanation for shuttle bus service (not free for going to airport)
  • dandan_127
    Well, my friend was satisfied with
  • panxu5969
    What is arrived in Shanghai late at night, my luggage more, without help, or let me go get the luggage car, anyway.
  • baiweixiang
    Transit options, airport transfer is very good, price is appropriate, worth recommending
  • gaojie_521
    Very close to the Pudong International Airport, 10 minutes away. Early aircraft with a choice. But hotels sound is poor, and the aircraft taking off and landing sounds great, affect the rest.
  • Monica_X
    Good good well good well well well generally okay sounds good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good in General also seemed like a good line in General still sounds good good good good good good good good in General still sounds good good good good good well good well generally okay sounds good good good good good good good good in General still sounds good good good goodSeemed like a good good good good good generally
  • E00439091
    It's not bad
  • liyiping
    The location of the hotel is quite far away from the airport, but there are coaches, it is acceptable to ... room was clean and lovely, very satisfied ... will stay again.
  • lg1609
    Hotel was very close to airport, convenient alarm clock quiet, the rooms are very clean, compared to Nice, warm service, recommend staying!
  • cefcniuniu
    Which is very nice
  • realsw
    Fairly good
  • jia1688
    There is shuttle bus to Pudong International Airport, other aspects are not so good.
  • e00108934
    Hotel is clean and tidy, at Pudong airport aboard flights high cost performance
  • wangwenj888
    OK, it's just a relay, and service was good.
  • dingjiewr
    I feel pretty good
  • erevorf
    Big room
  • D00900805
    Well, next to living, quiet hotel, excellent service!
  • cxl1191266043
    Airport reception staff very good
  • e00802140
    Home hanting and similar but more expensive than they, poor breakfast as well as
  • bluemelody2012
    From Pudong airport room was clean spacious and pick up free machine 1-15 second staying free to catch the early flights weren't staying the night is still recommended
  • baiovai
    Annual holiday travel, all star Hyatt Hotel, clean, friendly, cost-effective, and free airport transfer service, ideal for connecting guests.
  • Free_Fu
    Hotel General, should will fly guests to live. picking up free and sent to the airport to pay
  • barbie0707
    From field sat aircraft to Pudong airport catch second days of international flights, was to away from airport near, set has Jinjiang of star. results staying Qian a late found that hotel is proud Johnson, phone playing to front desk, they actually said because didn't reservation didn't payment, hotel only left to at 6 o'clock in the afternoon. we of aircraft at 9 o'clock in the evening only landing, this not let we Past Domino you? and also said even at payment also no, said what time had has not let payment has, this is what flower system Ah. herebyContempt [Jinjiang] and [net] which is not responsible for unreliable service. So decisively revised star Hyatt. at least people say even without payment until 10 o'clock in the evening at the front desk, but just to be sure I was a mortgage with a credit card that he must have been to live. Star Hyatt place not much farther than the Jinjiang, free pick-up, light bus 15 minutes. (XING Yue have morning sun and the sunset store, just one or two streets on every thing from the airport about far) But the next day sent confidential 15RMB per person. Sum up the advantages; 1, away from airport more near (15 minutes car drive) 2, life convenience/downstairs on has good and more small supermarket and noodle, restaurant 3, clean clean 4, price affordable, also of time Jinjiang of Star 269 also is a standard between, star of Hyatt as long as 200 also is big bed room, also has 45 returned now 5, internal facilities also enough, free WIFI, signal General like's, distribution of electricAir power is not the weak, single comb is a comb, like inadequate; 1, good, shower in the next room watching TV talking of sounds we can hear 2, socket too little desk bed, just barely enough, if you want to give a few things charging trouble 3, hot too ... ... Slow ... ... And whether it brushing or bathing, I absolutely 5-10 minutes to heat up the water. but once after the heatIs compared stable of, at least not in fits and starts 4, also is hot! bath flow volume too small has, winter to words, only open top of big shower disc only barely can wash with not cold bad not bad of; air conditioning so-so, I January live of, night put air conditioning open to maximum sleep just not is cold such's. way said about hope front desk more efficiency is, we staying of when front has a young men to is trivial of things with only of front desk wrangling has at least10 minutes, put we two a NPC package small package of airing in that regardless of. that things completely can fast to help we help in staying procedures again continues to with he pulled well summary; star of Hyatt on in Shanghai short turn need save money of visitors for, can meet everyone basic of needs, some aspects of live conditions need slightly will about but not brings too big of trouble/pain, most aspects also is real super by value of. for pursuit medium above comfortable degree of friends, recommends also isSelected some of the more upscale hotels it. If I own it, next time will probably come ~ ~
  • constantin
    Distance to airport, hotel facilities, poor sound insulation.
  • E00229074
  • niuerpa
    Hotel is for Pudong airport terminal when staying, has free shuttle received, airport has specifically of counter, has personal put we with to shuttle Shang, full good of. but sent machine is by people charges of, seems per person 30 yuan, staying Shi on description has, also is reasonable's. facilities you is shortcut hotel of standard's, pretty clean of, service also good, next to airport catch aircraft words also will staying of.
  • MTtao
    Health is good
  • Ann131
    Which is very nice
  • jessiexcf
    Location is not very good, small rooms, but the air conditioning works well
  • realsw
    Book three-room, room was spacious. free WiFi. air conditioning use, heat faster. from Pudong airport is close to providing limousine, the admission for the first time, 15 yuan per person. hot shower, the room temperature is not too hot.
  • lacunacoil
    Rooms are clean, decorated and cozy, very clean, staff were very friendly, will stay again.
  • josiedai
    Which is very nice
  • i2pandas
    Good clean hotel, also a convenient shuttle. nice! restaurant didn't eat in the hotel, is close to the hotel to eat. General.
  • CYF2008
  • lolly
    Hotel very good facilities, airport transfer service, chose this hotel got it right, next time will come.
    Environment as a whole, and bus direct to Pudong International Airport
  • awocd
    Hotel Shuttle service very good cost 15 Yuan if not better
  • climate
    Nice hotel, good health
  • wylianran
    Nice airport is very convenient
  • adylin
    Hotel near the airport, clean and sanitary convenience. is the hotel sign is not, as the sunset Hotel sign, hard to find.
  • dreuem
    Catch the early flight is a good choice.
  • candysasa
    Location is good, room is clean, the service is in place, the price is cheap, it is very convenient for airport
  • jimmyjun
    Good location, easy to drive to the airport in good. good hardware, sound insulation slightly worse but still
  • sisely
    Sanitation is excellent, reception was very good, especially breakfast, Western-style breakfasts, delicious
    Very clean hotel, Nice.
  • atu8000
    Twice was a room, there is intimacy, good good, next time
  • b2467153
    Wife said good night closed the window is not noisy, the recommendation of the
  • alofnarita
    Well, close to airport as well as airport services
  • mussie